Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interesting Pants Down Liam Payne Harry Styles ' One Direction During Intimate Show in London

harry boxers

The wee scamps One Direction like a good joke , and one particular favorite they happen to pull down their pants in public that failures willies all over the place and hilarity ensues . In case you are not sure , we really okay with it .

This time it was Harry Styles to have publicly unveiled its package for the ladies of Take Me Home Tour audience , thanks to a certain Mr Payne and his pesky idle hands . We certainly owe him a drink for this one .
Harry Styles boxer

Suring kick intimate gig at London's O2 being filmed for their new movie , This Is Us , we really hope Harry is being hobbled by his own trousers will make it go
Hiding behind , Liam assume a squatting position and the right hand corner for rapid removal of pants ...
Harry boxer
harry boxer
Harry shivered in front of thousands of women with pants hanging by the ankles , and just enjoy the breeze .
Everything is captured by some lovely Directioners and share all Internetosphere , and shows what happens . Basically , Harry is looking so darn attractive with tight jeans and mop floofy tantilisingly curls , that Liam can not control his mouth forcing him to strip naked and damage him . So he just had to get his pants down as quickly as possible . Liam is okay , we probably would have done the same .

Jen and Justin Vacay in Mexico

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Time for R & R!
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux was spotted arriving in Mexico on Monday to join some friends for fun in the sun.
Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux The gorgeous couple was accompanied by Aniston's Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka.
Vacation could possibly be part of Theroux's birthday?
After all, Aniston did her husband threw a star-studded shindig enough recently to celebrate the big 4-2 Theroux play. So maybe this is just icing on the cake.
Held on August 10 at Our Bel-Air home of the Millers, the party was attended by about 80 guests, including Ben Stiller, Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, Tobey Maguire and Will Arnett.
And Bateman, of course.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Raiders of the Lost Barque


Motives behind Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin reveals itself as an exuberant blast of nostalgia . What boyish reporter beloved Hergé comic series - running the world in pursuit of mysteries - if not continental cousins ​​Indiana Jones , his head covered with a quiff not a fedora hat ? In the first few pages of " Crab with the Golden Claws " - one of the books that sourced this film , the other is " The Secret of the Unicorn " and " Red Rackham 's Treasure " - Tintin Hastens from her home in the city for drugs - run the ship , after which he found floating in the sea , from where he commandeers seaplane float and hit the North African desert .In short , The Adventures of Tintin , the hero and his companions on the trail of treasure from sunken ships , could just as easily have become Indiana Jones films : Raiders of the Lost Barque . And have . This is more Spielberg than Hergé's Tintin .But it's not a bad thing at all . If The Adventures of Tintin looks like something Spielberg can do in his sleep , it's still a lot more entertainment than what most other directors can produce while awake .From the moment we glimpse Captain Haddock ( Andy Serkis ) drained through a new bottle of whiskey - what better way to show off a plunge ? - Spielberg shows that he still has in him a sense of play of the day he wrestled with the shark faulty models . Action set pieces , in particular , is a joy , a scenario combining cliff - hanger with delirious slapstick .Performance-capture technology , which uses live actors movements and expressions as the basis for computer-generated simulations , right . Initially , we see every hair in Tintin ( Jamie Bell ) quiff catch the wind and come alive , such as wheat stalks waving in the gold fields , and as he walked past a shop with a mirror , his reflection is exactly how they will be out of the corners . Yes , this is a technical team to show off , but no more than a ballerina balanced on feet with supreme serenity . They did it because they could , and we watched transfixed . Some transformations made ​​me quibble - Nestor is not constantly sad as I imagine ( he comes across as stolid ) , and surely Bianca Castafiore High Cs jump from a wider chest - but the art is breathtaking to behold .There is so much to enjoy in " The Adventures of Tintin " that it's a shame the film adds up to little more than a collection of set pieces . When Tintin and Co. are not swooping clouds or plunge into the sea , we are left with a dark time , and it's because the characters are just a technological triumph . They have no spark , no soul . We never get a handle on Tintin , who remains a cipher with lackluster software . Hergé solves this problem by letting us hear him think - we followed his intuitive processes through thought bubbles . But here , the din drowning out all the action of the mind .Much more tragically , Captain Haddock is a man with a big honker . ( Honker , however , is appropriate . ) Most of the comedy comes from the comic invective - the result of crosses between marine life and inspired a made-up language - and we imagine them as a spittle ejaculation - spotting . But here , the delicious ridicule as " sea slugs yellow - bellied coward " delivered such dramatic declarations , as if wan line of dialogue . If there will be a sequel , as the final scene promises , they would do well to fill this sailor with vigor .
The Adventures of TintinGenre : Action - adventureDirector : Steven SpielbergCast : Daniel Craig , Jamie Bell , Simon PeggStoryline : Tintin and cohorts go after sunken treasure remarkable .Bottomline : Good staged action , though the character deserves better .